The Album

An album which comes in two stages,

Electric rhapsodies, long compositions declining the tastes of its author, inner journeys bursting out in the form of powerful vibrations.

As well as interludes: sound symbols of chimeras of Shintoism, products of the collective human unconscious, fears, beliefs, feelings, violent or transcendent emotions, knowingly translated by Man in the form of fantastic beasts evolving beyond the tangible. Larchey Zore is that being in us, the source of everything that is not stability, of the force of creation and destruction, an essential source for the right to declare itself human.

"It takes courage to exist in this musical space. The group moves away from our comfort zone to collide with apparently incompatible entities and bring new light." Emese Szász, Fidelio, Budapest

[Recorded at Celestine Studio (Pau, France) by Alain Brunet, Cyrille Gachet and Johann Ponsin.
Mixed by Alain Brunet and Johan Ponsin. Masterised by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East  (Cambridge, USA). Stone cover discovered by S.Jamon
Art work J.E.Rose licence tous droits réservés


Larchey Zore - "Larchey Zore"

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