Moussaoui in the compilation The Best Arabic Music You’ve Never Heard



Hello everybody !
We are very happy to announce you that our single Moussaoui forms part of the rough guidenew CD of the English Label World Music Network: “The Rough Guide To The Best Arabic Music You’ve Never Heard”.
The “Rough Guide To” became a worldwide reference in World Music compilations. That’s a great new ! Please share this publication if you feel like doing it…
Released the 28th of August

Larchey Zore Quartet: album coming soon

TDSCN5566-he Larchey Zore Quartet album will be released soon. The Mastering is finished thanks to Cyril Gachet (bagarre générale, Botibol).
Thanks a lot to Benôit Lossier and more than all to Johan Ponsin who has been working hard on the takes and the mixing. I owe you a good one Johanimal !
The album will be a mix of very diverse tracks, quoting sometimes some of my favorite bands. I let you discover by yourself which they are…
See you soon, and let’s rock !