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GABACHO MAROCONNECTION (gnawa-afro-jazz-moroccan music)
A versatile and powerful musical experience using modern instruments mixed with indigenous and traditional moroccan instruments to paint a potent musical canvas.
Gabacho Connection quintet have united with 2 musicians from the moroccan city of Essaouira and 1 afro percussion player to make the 8 strong French-Spanish based Word fusion group Gabacho Maroconnection. In addition to the Saxophones, piano, n’goni, bass and drums fused with the moroccan percussions, GMC also use 4 voices to add a multicultural and tonally intricate color to their sound. With rhythmically intense and melodically powerful jazz and arabic-african music as its starting point, GMC have added the unmistakable striking vocals and guembri of maâlem Hamid Moumen and the traditional moroccan gnawa sound.
GABACHO MAROCONNECTION perfomed in 30 world and jazz festivals in France, Spain and Italy in 2014.

“Gabacho Maroconnection combines a mosaic of French, Spanish and Moroccan music, to make a music that goes beyond any borders”
Chema García. El País – Juin 2014
“These boys have been making themselves heard for a while now… one of the best echos of the National Orchestra from Barbes.”
Pablo Sanz. El Mundo – Août 2014