A band with a lot of character, driving its ressources on jazz affected by the
erosion of the new times, by the wind of energy coming down on a recent era of bands, thriving on the amplified scene but also on creative refinement of the 20th century and the rythmical complexity of the Indian Karnatic Music. Definitely Metal, this band mixes in a virtuous interpretation, improvisations and written music largely influenced by famous bands as Meshuggah, Deftones, the Mars Volta and Fantomas.



Charley Rose founded this band in 2012 based on his researches on
Meshuggah’s composition techniques. Later he embraces more of his favourite
bands, generally the most powerfuls of the amplified scene, in order to
explore a new musical language combined to jazz improvisation. Usually
Larchey Zore quartet is accompaigned by Johan Ponsin, a great sound engineer who works together with the band to adapt its particular sound to the live conditions.




Charley Rose: alto sax
Matiss Cudars: electric guitar and effects
Wilfried Wilde: electric bass
Andris Buikis: drums and grunting
Johan Ponsin: sound engineering and Cacique Cola




Lot of joy, friends and hugs, with a touch of virility, but also metal with strawberry

New was the color of my new Vans shoes (accidentally bleached-out Orange)

Energy drinks are forbidden, yoga is prescribed

Creative craie hâtive

Rythmical is our way of thinking, walking, making tea and

Virtuous ¡Check out Andris’ chops! “Eat like pig, drink like pig, snore like pig… This is life man ia pani blet !” I totally agree although I censor a part of the quotation 😉

Famous coming soon :-)


Here is the downloadable rider  Larchey Zore quartet  ⇐ for you beloved booker