Charley Rose alias Larchey Zore is a French alto saxophone player, composer and arranger.
He graduated in jazz Bachelor from Musikene, San Sebastian’s conservatory and in jazz Master from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in May 2013.
During his musical education he had the chance to study with great international musicians such as Guillermo Klein, Jordi Rossy, Dick Oatts, Jasper Blom, Mikel Andueza, Perico Sambeat, Ben Monder, Mark Turner, Peter Bernstein, Ben Street, Chris Cheek and many others.


During the last years he’s been collaborating in diverse bands from Jazz to world music as with the Pit Dahm trio and quartet with Harmen Fraanje, Gabacho Connection and Gabacho Maroconnection, Los Wachisneis, Tapetto Traci, Larchey Zore, Les Samuraïs de l’Xtrême, Matis Cudars quartet, Xan Campos Quintet…


Charley Rose has worked as a composer for Larchey Zore and his Cheerful Cheerfuls which plays compositions from 3rd Stream jazz to Boogie and Metal and the Meshuguys which applies Meshuggah’s composition techniques to a jazz quartet.

He wrote different pieces for big band (Le Voyage d’Eckhart), nonet (Victoria, the Godfather) and octet (the End of a Descent)


He wrote a thesis on Chris Cheek to end his Bachelor (Chris Cheek, el lirismo moderno) and a thesis on Meshuggah (The Meshuggah Quartet) to end his jazz Master in Amsterdam.


Donostisound saxophone XO model

Donosti Sound S6 mouthpiece

Rico select jazz 4 medium


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